Creating consciousness among children

In todays day and age of impulsive natures, it is very important that we talk to our children more often than not.It's good to talk to them, because we should know and understand what kind of problems they face in their day to day life, what are the challenges that they are coming across as a new generation and how can we help make a little difference in their lives that'll take them towards betterment.

First and foremost, it is essential for us to understand that 24/7 criticism will distance our kids further away from us . After all we don't want them confiding in their friends more than us. This way their problems would
never be handled by a mature mind.

Even if our child tells us something we don't like much, "listen to them, let them finish speaking!", if you'd interrupt in between and start off with your moral lectures, they'll never come back to you with their problems.

I was taking to a lady once who gave me a very valuable lesson during her conversation, she said,"even if my son talked about what his friends think about girls, I would listen to him patiently without interrupting even once , and then I would slowing tell him what was wrong and how he could change it."

It's  important to talk to our kids but there should be a balance in being a friend and a parent. They should tell us everything like they tell their friends but they should also respect you as a parent.

In this day and age, we have to raise people sensitive towards their surroundings and people around them along with being strong enough to face their problems with a relaxed but determined outlook.