Sometimes I think, in this day and age of barbies and other dolls that look profoundly skinny, how can I ever teach my daughter "that the only lasting beauty is the beauty of the heart." Today four and five year old are conscious about the way they look. My daughter once asked me, "mumma, being thin is good and  fat people don't look good at all".I was shocked at her view , what makes her say that , and that too at such an innocent age?  

We as a society are not giving our kids something to look up to. We talk about discrimination and racism at length, but get light skinned, twig thin dolls for our kids. We teach little boys to be tough instead of being caring and respectful especially towards the opposite sex.

We talk about cleanliness in the country , but when it comes to throwing empty wrapper form our cars, we even let our kids do the honours.

We are raising a future generation, but the examples set by us are not worth being imbibed.

We have to let our daughters know  that they are beautiful, whatever their colour, size or height may be ..

We have to tell our boys to be tough when someone tries to trouble a woman, even if she isn't his daughter, sister or mother or not even anyone related to him...

We have to tell our children that beauty and strength come from education, dignity, honesty and truth, it does not reflect from our outer appearance.

Yes our appearance is important, but it's not a topic of overindulgence.We should  take care of our hygiene and dress properly in clean clothes appropriate for the place we go to, this alone will help us look our best.

I hope and pray that our children grow up to be healthy and happy individuals , contented with their life and themselves, striving for betterment in the most positively even if competitive way.